U-Shift, U-$ave

Join the fight to keep co-op rates low and join the U-Shift, U-$ave program. The program shifts the use of participating electric water heaters, heating and cooling units, and other equipment to off-peak hours when electricity is less expensive. Over 10,000 members have helped save over $22 million in avoided power purchases. More participants mean more savings. Let’s keep bills low for everyone – join us!

NEW! U-Shift, U-$ave EV Level II Charging Credit Install a residential Level II EV Charging Station and connect it to your U-Shift Off-Peak panel to receive a $300 bill credt.

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U-Shift Water Heating


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U-Shift Off-Peak Rate


U-Shift Turn Off, Turn Up


Note: Adams Electric cannot guarantee the duration or extent of any periods of interruption due to the ever-changing nature of electrical demand on the power grid that provides power to the co-op’s substations and metering points. Members participating in the U-shift incentives must understand that periods of interruption can be extended without notice due to unforeseen circumstances on Adams Electric’s distribution system and the energy supply grid.